Previous Work

Technical Writing:

Industries/Subjects written on: Cloud (hybrid and cloud-native), Software Migrations, Staffing and Consulting, Software Asset Management and License Compliance, Mergers and Acquisitions in BFSI, Network/Infrastructure Architecture, Cyber Security, Observability, and Network Monitoring

White papers for Headspring, a part of Accenture:

With both of these pieces, I was working for The ABM Agency at the time and Headspring was a client. I was brought on to write these pieces because I have a background in research and writing. Both pieces required a great deal of research as I previously had no knowledge of the topics. I planned the outlines for each, presented my content plan for each to the Headspring stakeholders, completed the research and SME interviews, completed the writing, then went through an editing process. After the copy was approved, I worked with the designer to determine design elements (charts, pull quotes, large stats, etc.) and pull the whitepapers together.

Case studies and one-pagers (product brochures) for Connor Consulting:

With Connor, I own the content creation for all five areas of business as well as any internal guides or blueprints for our product. I am also working on the SEO optimization of content and the website to increase our traffic and reach. For each content piece I either channel what competitors are discussing, or I speak with our SMEs and executives to develop unique content. I work with our graphic designer to create graphics for content as well as design for whitepapers, product brochures, and case studies.

Revolutionizing Compliance one-pager
Post Audit License Care one-pager
Lead with Resilience and Accountability one-pager

Case Studies and Solution Pages for The Judge Group:

With The Judge Group I own all external content creation. With my manager, we develop content strategies for the different avenues of business across a variety of industries. I am often given a goal for content, and I then determine a topic and content type through an SME interview or through research. With our case studies in particular we opted for a specific format and to make each one page, if possible. The goal is to explain the key facts of the project as well as how Judge was uniquely qualified to complete the projects. I have written around 30 case studies for Judge. In addition, my first whitepaper with Judge on M&A in BFSI is in design and should be published soon.

Multi-Year Learning Plan for Enterprise-Wide Agile Transformation
Telecommunications Giant Sought DevOps Engineer to Expand Into New Markets
One Smart Cookie: Customized Testing Automation

Marketing Qualified Leads Nurture Guide for EM360:

Other samples available upon request

Thought Leadership Content:

I specialize in thought leadership pieces and executive bylines as seen with SolarWinds, The Judge Group, and Connor. In all three instances, I usually conduct my own research and/or SME interviews to create the content (unless provided). Occasionally I am given a specific outline to follow. I can also adapt my style to what the client is looking for.

This list is not exhaustive and additional samples can be provided upon request.

The Evolution of Security: From God, to Better, to Best
ITSM and Observability: Eliminate tool sprawl, accelerate issue resolution, and ensure SLAs while delighting end users

Connor Consulting:
Preparing for “Business Interrupted” in 2022: Ensuring your business is prepared for a cyber attack
Mock SaaS Audits Drive Rapid Supplier Savings and Enhanced Cybersecurity

The Judge Group:
IT Staffing Trends: What to expect during a recession
The Keys to Successful Organizational Change: Understanding the Cost of OCM

Entrepeneur Magazine: (for CEO Vincent DeCastro at The ABM Agency)
What is the True Cost of Running Account-Based Marketing?

Blog Writing:

When writing blogs, I am responsible for the corresponding meta and social copy for the piece. I tend to write pieces between 800 and 1300 words unless the subject requires less or more. The prominent focus when writing blogs though is capturing the reader and making sure I am providing them with some value, whether they read the whole post or not.

This list is not exhaustive and additional samples can be provided upon request.

Announcing Our New Partner Program: The SolarWinds Transform Partner Program
Key Lessons for Building Secure and Resilient Ecosystems From the Forbes CIO Summit
Solarian Spotlight: Noel Barbee, IT Manager

Connor Consulting:
Optimize Your SAP Licenses to Maximize Your ROI
Oracle Software Cloud Migration: Your guide to migrating to the cloud

The Judge Group:
Fostering Authentic Leadership and an Authentic Workplace

BOL Agency:
5 Tips for Recession Proofing Your B2B Marketing
How Much Does an ABM Program Cost?
How to Choose the Best ABM Agency

LinkedIn Posts:

Connor Consulting:
Optimize SAP Licenses
International Women’s Day
Condolences on passing of UAE President
Revenue Enhancement Services post
EBS Cloud Migration post

The ABM Agency:
Omnichannel Marketing
Data Driven Marketing
Pivoting in Marketing