Previous Work

Technical Content Writing:

White papers for Headspring, a part of Accenture: Accelerating Your .NET Upgrade: A playbook and Your Guide to DevOps Success

Case studies, white papers, and one-pagers for Connor Consulting: True-Up Program Case Study, Revenue Enhancement Solutions one-pager, Revolutionizing Compliance one-pager, Post Audit License Care one-pager, Lead with Resilience and Accountability one-pager

Case Studies for The Judge Group: Chicken Chain Goes on Learning Journey, Mindfulness Program Reduces Employee Stress, One Smart Cookie: Customized Testing Automation

Contributing researcher and writer for a case study on Absolut Vodka for Harvard Business School

Department of Defense, Media and Archive writing and editing

Other samples available upon request

Blog Writing:

SolarWinds: Key Lessons for Tech Leaders from the Women in Tech Global Conference 2022, Solarian Spotlight: Noel Barbee, IT Manager

The Judge Group: From the Desk of Dr. Julian, Fostering Authentic Leadership and an Authentic Workplace, Mindfulness Training: Combatting turnover and increasing mental health amongst employees, The Keys to Successful Organizational Change: Understanding the Cost of OCM, Workplace Mindfulness Training: Improving ROI through healthy, happy employees, Tips to Navigate and Overcome Being Treated Unfairly as a Travel Nurse, Recognizing and Overcoming Biases in the Workplace: How unconscious biases hold women back and impact business, The Future of Remote Work: Hybrid schedules prove a win-win for employee-employer relationships, and many more

Connor Consulting: Preparing for “Business Interrupted” in 2022: Ensuring your business is prepared for a cyber attack, Mock SaaS Audits Drive Rapid Supplier Savings and Enhanced Cybersecurity, Optimize Your SAP Licenses to Maximize Your ROI, Oracle Software Cloud Migration: Your guide to migrating to the cloud, and many more

Kudoz, a Salesforce App: Lead Source Tracking in Salesforce, 6 Tips to Becoming a High-Performing Revenue-Driven Marketer, Revenue Marketing: An emerging marketing career path, Leveraging Marketing Teams to Build a Revenue Growth Marketing Approach, The Path to Attribution: Foundations for success with lead source reporting, and many more

BOL Agency: 5 Tips for Recession Proofing Your B2B Marketing, How Much Does an ABM Program Cost?, How to Choose the Best ABM Agency

The ABM Agency: How Much Should an Account-Based Marketing Campaign Cost (the company has since used this copy in several other content pieces)

Entrepeneur Magazine: (for CEO Vincent DeCastro at The ABM Agency) What is the True Cost of Running Account-Based Marketing?

Better Marketing online publication: 7 Essential MarTech Products for ABM and Demand Gen Tech Stacks, Third Party Cookies and Account-Based Marketing, How Much Should an Account-Based Marketing Initiative Cost?, Content Marketing: The trick to achieving top ROI

Mari Co. marketing agency for Stance Real Estate: New Demand for Sustainability in Commerical Real Estate, Creating a Sustainable Future, Returning to Work After Covid, Residential Migration Trends, Industrial Demand Trends

I have also authored and edited many emails, landing pages, ad copy, etc. for Relocity, 401KGo, and Western Governors University, among others.

LinkedIn Posts:

Connor Consulting: Optimize SAP Licenses, International Women’s Day, holiday posts (links can be shared upon request), Condolences on passing of UAE President, LESI Venice teaser, Revenue Enhancement Services post, EBS Cloud Migration post

The ABM Agency: Omnichannel Marketing, Data Driven Marketing, Pivoting in Marketing

Curriculum Writing/Educational Content:

Harvard University Business School: Research and writing for a case study on Absolut Vodka

ChatClass App: Writing Creative Conversations for Situational Learning – ESL

Orange County Dept. of Education & NASEF: Lesson Plan & Teacher Instruction, Grade 11 – Unit 4 Curriculum (Curriculum is a 2021 SIIA CODiE Award Winner)

Variety of research papers on historical subjects