At SWS, the goal is to create lasting working relationships with clients built on trust.

Every time you work with SWS, whether regularly or as needed, we want you to know you will be getting quality work with little need for edits. Jennifer’s goal is to make content as simple a process for you as possible. Through a variety of services, Jennifer can help you create content that sets you apart from the competition and keeps the clients coming to you for your expertise and your knowledge.

Our services are billed in a variety of ways depending on the work needed. However, flat hourly contracts and retainers are available. All invoices much be paid within 30 days of billing and all billing cycles are by the month.


Basic Content Writing

This is the best option for basic topics such as marketing, retail, real estate, business, etc. Depending on your needs, we can include interviews and research in the package. Billed per piece and can include social copy.

Advanced Content Writing

This is the best option for complex topics and for long content such as case studies, white papers, complex blogs, thought leadership pieces, ebooks, etc. With this service, interviews, meetings, and edits are all included and can be tailored to your needs. All projects would be billed at an hourly or flat rate depending on the scope of work.

Editing Services

Editing services are billed hourly and can include fact checking, rewriting, content and line editing, as well as conversations with the writer for edits/additions to the piece. Whatever type of editing is needed, SWS can accommodate.

Social, Web Content, and Content Rewriting

SWS also offers social media posts and web content writing. Both would be based on your goals for the content and address your chosen topics. Rewriting and reworking is billed at a flat rate and is perfect for revamping old content, reworking content written by non-native English speakers, and updating old well performing SEO pieces.